Find A Wall Stud Without A Stud Finder


If you are interested in renovating, remodeling, or redecorating your home or a building, and you do not have access to a stud finder then you will need to be able to locate wall studs with a few easy steps.  You will need to locate the first stud and then measure out 16 inches to find the stud centers, according to American framing.

When you are working on renovating or redecorating a home or building, it is important to be able to find the studs that are located beneath the wall’s surface. The studs act as a support system for the structure or home that you are working on. If you disturb the studs then you may compromise the integrity of the structure, and that could be horrible. Not everyone has access to a stud finder though. So how do people locate wall studs if he or she does not have a stud finder?

What You Will Need

In order to find wall studs without a stud finder, you will need a couple of very specific items on hand. You will need a tape measure, a pencil, and some easy to remove tape that you will be able to mark on the wall without leaving any permanent damage. Finally, you will need to have some time free in order to get the accurate calculations down, and have time to double-check your work before you do anything permanent.

If you have the available time and all of the necessary tools at your disposal, you will be able to locate the studs accurately beneath the surface of the wall. With proper measuring and double-checking, you will be on your way to a perfect remodeling job.

How You Will Locate The Stud With Your Tools

The first step to locate wall studs without a stud finder is to take your easy to remove tape and place it evenly across the wall in which you are working with. Using the tape will make it easy to mark up the wall with measurements and then remove the tape when you are finished. This way you are sure to not leave behind any permanent blemishes on the wall.

Once the tape is adhered evenly to the wall, you will first look for an outlet on that wall. Usually a stud is located directly next to an outlet. You will start your measurements from the side of the outlet and begin making marks along the tape. You will start with a mark directly next to the outlet and then make marks that are 16 inches apart.

In American framing, it is customary for the centers of the studs to be 16 inches apart. You will be able to locate all of the studs with accuracy and ease without even picking up a stud finder. This is a great way to quickly be able to find wall studs and identify the areas of the wall that are going to be best for your remodeling or renovating needs.